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The Long Journey to the Perfect Road Cycling Shoes

When I decided to give road cycling a try some years ago one of the first things road specific I got were road cycling shoes. I visited my local bike store slipped in some fancy Specialized shoes and chose a pair in size 46, a good chunk bigger than my regular shoe size (44). Why? Because that’s what I was used to from when I bought running or basketball shoes. As I know now it was a mistake.

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Servicing the Acros A-FLAT SL Pedals

I recently noticed a huge amount of drag while pedaling my bike through the woods. At first I thought badly adjusted brakes were the cause for it. But a closer inspection showed, that both pedals hardly moved at all. Relieved that it was not bad shape that lead to the slow ascends, I unscrewed the pedals for closer inspection.
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Acros A-FLAT SL – Lightweight Enduro Flat Pedals

I had NC-17 Sudpin III flat pedals mounted on my Transition Blindside for about 2 years. I was quite happy with them but there were some issues. The pins came loose easily which i luckily realised early enough. Remounting the pins with some loctite fixed that issue. Way more annoying was the small platform of 90x90x15mm. With my large feet (US 11,5) I often was badly positioned on the flats. Especially after mounting the bike it frequently took some time to find the sweet spot for my feet. When one of the pedals made heavy contact with a stone in Semmering Biekpark, I decided to shop for new flats.
Having considere the Spank Spike and the Syntace pedals the Acros A-FLAT SL were the ones i went for. With a platform of 90x100x18mm they are a bit larger than the Sudpin III and they are even lighter (~350g).
Here is a comparison of the pedals platforms:
I have just ridden the new pedals twice but for now I don’t regret the investment.

Vital MTB: Bike of the Day – Iron Horse Sunday Prototype

On Vital MTB user Simon-Watts won Bike of the Day on 23.1.2013. That’s not too interesting, but the bike he won with is. It’s a 2010 Ironhorse Sunday prototype he won in an ebay auction.

The Ironhorse Sunday is an iconic downhill bike which Sam Hill won quite some races on. In addition the Dave Weagle designed suspension attracted a big enough fanbase so that the bike is seen in bikeparks even nowadays, 7 years after it was introduced to the market. Ironhorse has gone out of business in 2009 but before that they seemed to have been working on a new Sunday without the Dave Weagle designed dw-lnik rear suspension. Simon-Watts’ description:

Produced to replace the DW equipped Sundays when it was realized Ironhorse were loosing the rights to DW. Never produced for obvious reasons, but an exciting design. Lighter than my Medium size Sunday with same components.

Have a look at the pictures posted. It look like a classic four-bar design with an extremly low shock placement. Geometry data would be interesting, especially chain stay length an head angle. The chain stay pivot might be above the axle to circumvent the Specialized patent. Esthetics reminds me a bit of the current Trek Session (which is a good thing). I like it. Or rather “I would have liked it, if it had made it to production…”.

Damper Rod Orientation

I bought my Transition Blindside about a year ago second-hand. The frame was equipped with a Fox Van R shock. It always annoyed me that the rebound adjuster faced upwards to the top tube because it was hardly possible to get a grip on the adjuster.

When I recently serviced my shock I realized that the damper rod orientation can be changed by simply turning the rod! Yes, it’s pretty awkward that I didn’t think of it earlier…



Transition Blindside: New Shock Mounting Hardware

In a recent post on MTBR here Transition Bikes mentioned new shock mounting hardware for their Transition Blindside and Bottlerocket frames. As I have issues with my shock mounting bolts loosening up once in a while on my 2011 Blindside I ordered immediately. The new bolt and flip-chips arrived some weeks later including nice stickers, thanks guys!

On the left the old 4-piece and on the right the new 3-piece shock mounting hardware.